A revolutionary asset growth protocol, fueled by innovating web3 solutions. Owned and governed by its community.

The DAO stores value created in its networks through innovating web3 products. The unique protocol automatically distributing a percentage of the value in the form of multiple blue chip assets to its members who control governance of the whole ecosystem.

For retail investors, knowing what projects to invest in, and how many to expose your capital too for maximum gains whilst having minimal risk is not an easy task.

The GolduckDAO’s unique  DCA asset growth system solves this issue. It was created to build its members a diverse portfolio of multiple blue chip and new innovating crypto assets, through holding just one currency, the $GOLDUCK token. Giving maximum exposure to the market with minimal risk.


Fractionalized real estate

CypherEstate is a WEB3 fractionalized Real Estate investment platform which you access by minting CypherFlocks NFTs. The flagship product of the GolduckDAO ecosystem.

CYPHER FLOCKS NFT holders will be granted access to our platform where they will be able to invest in our community owned properties around the world and access the flocksverse. CYPHER ESTATE holders will have access to invest in an a single property or a portion of it with a minimum annual ROI no less than 5%.

These investments will be tokenized and every NFT will own an equal portion of all 4 initial investments. After the initial real estate investments, NFT holders will be able to sell their existing ones or invest in new community or founders team proposed assets. There will be a marketplace to buy/sell and track the appreciation of the different tokenized real estate assets in the portfolio.


A community building innovating blockchain products


Ecosystem Dapp Platform. Claim DCA Rewards, Swap, buy DAO tokens and earn bonus token through our Referrals scheme. 

Cypher flocks NFT

A 20,000 unique 3D NFT collection with multiple real world utilities. 

Coming soon!

Cypher estate

A tokenized real estate WEB3 based investment platform. Hold Flocks NFT to access the decentralized real estate platform.

Coming soon!


Reselling of.ETH and other blockchain based domains.


An innovating decentralized IDO launchpad.

Coming soon!


A decentralized learn to Earn Program.

Coming soon!


Community ownership

GolduckDAO is revolutionizing investing by changing how communities and capital work together through accessible, effortless, and innovating web3 technology.

The DAO follows a proposal process to vote on how the GoldBANK Fund will be distributed by the Community in the form of blue chip crypto assets. The DAO will also allow the community to propose and vote on new DAO products and projects  to invest in to promote a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem.

DAO operators

DAO Operator has access to create snapshot proposals. Anyone can become DAO Operator if they are in the top 20 holder of the GOLDUCK altogether on multi chain. If you are in the top 20 holder altogher on 4 chains , please contact GolduckDAO Board to list you as DAO Operator

DAO board members

DAO Board Members has access to Multi Sig Owners. Any one can become DAO Board if they are in the top 10 holders of the GOLDUCK altogether on multi chain. If you are in the top 10 holder altogher on 4 chains , please contact GolduckDAO Board Team to list you as Multi Sig Owner. ****

Meet The Board members




    All revenue generated by GolduckDAO products goes back to its members and the treasury

    GolduckDAO will be the caretaker of the GoldBank. The bank is the heart of the rewards structure in the ecosystem. This is how we run the run programs like Learn to Earn and also how we reward the content creators within the Golduck ecosystem.

    The treasury funds are used to build innovation blockchain projects, voted for by GolduckDAO members. The treasury funds are also put to work through staking to earn interest and compound treasury assets. Part of the revenue will go to the DCA Rewards Pool Contract to buy blue-chip crypto assets which are then distributed to holders.

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    Join the journey to financial freedom



    Contribute your skills and earn GolduckDAO tokens or purchase DAO tokens from our GoldX platform. Holding Golduck tokens gives you access to DCA rewards and voting rights. 


    Become a contributor

    As a transparent and unstoppable entity Golduckdao is always searching for talent in the Web3 space. Want to make your mark in the future of work? Join us.


    Share what you are building

    Building something relevant to crypto Defi, web3, the metaverse and DAOs. We may be interested in funding or incubation your project through our treasury.

    Refer & Earn

    *Invite your friends to get 10% of the amount GolduckDAO tokens purchased + 10% of the tokens sent to your wallet address instantly.

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    GolduckDao is the first fully decentralized automated asset p growth platform.


    GolduckDAO is a community owned multi-chain token with the purpose of supporting and building innovating blockchain projects across multiple chains, and rewarding its ecosystem holders.

    GolduckDAO Token on ETH/BSC/Polygon/Andromeda has two functions:
    First, it allows entry and to vote on DAO Proposals.
    Second, it allows you to earn various blue chip assets thru our unique DCA Rewards System, You will need to hold minimum number of tokens defined by each reward token for rewards eligibility. (GOLDUCK Tokens still grants access to the DAO voting rights, just without DCA Rewards Eligibility)

    GolduckDAO are owned by their members, that is, the people who develop various innovative products or purchase the digital assets that the DAO sells.

    Anybody with an interest in building web3 projects. Founders, contributors, blockchain enthusiasts, NFT artists or just the web3 curious are all welcome here.

    Holding GOLDUCK is the only requirement for membership in the DAO.
    Membership in the GolducDAO is a digital ERC-20 tokens on Multiple Chains.. User can opt their preferred chain OR acquire from all chains.
    The primary benefit of membership is true ownership and voting rights.
    Digital assets will be available and will have various utilities, including consumption and salability.
    Through your membership, you will be able to acquire and earn additional digital assets.
    Participating in idea submission, commentary, services that DAO is offering, proposal submission and voting is restricted to GOLDUCK DAO members.
    Note: If you are primarily interested in speculating or making money off others GolduckDAO is not for it.

    GOLDUCK Community develops innovative projects. These projects will earn revenue, and part of the revenue will go to GOLDUCK Treasury. Over time, as more and more projects are launched, the revenue will be sent to Treasury. GOLDUCK DAO will also look to token swap with existing and emerging projects. By holding other project tokens, GOLDUCK DAO is incentivized to help our invested projects succeed. Win-Win Situation for both GOLDUCK and partners.

    ERC-20 wallets. We recommend using Metamask wallet which allows adding of custom tokens. Before using an exchange address or other wallet, please check that GOLDUCK token is supported.

    Go to GOLDX Platform. Under Referral tab, you can get your referral link,  alternately you can build your referral link by replacing your wallet address in place of XXXX in the below format:

    Disclaimer: GolduckDAO is not a registered broker, analyst or investment. By purchasing GolduckDAO, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although GolduckDAO is an EXPERIMENTAL digital token for social experiment and not a digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with your local laws and regulations before you make any purchase.