As there is no activity/volumes for longer term,  Some of the active members of Golduck formed as a group and decided to improvise the ecosystem . Focusing any more on Golden Duck token from 1st September 2022 will neither be productive nor useful. Please stop using Golden Duck immediately to minimize risk or any potential loss.

We have come up with an idea of creating a Decentralization Autonomous Organization GolduckDAO to build and support blockchain based projects.

Golduck contract is migrated to new address:

New contract Address: 0xE585E1878856868D9657aab815A8b8BA6a7A960D

Existing holders of  Golden Duck on BSC and Etherscan can claim GolduckDAO as an Airdrop when it is launched.

To claim Airdrop of GolduckDAO as an early contributor on BSC/ETH Click Here.

Airdrop for Existing Holders of  Golden Duck on BSC/ETH will be closed on 30 June 2023.  

Airdrop on Polygon and Andromeda will be given via google form submission. Please follow Telegram/Discord for more information.

GolduckDAO token is planned to launch on Polygon first and will be launched on other chains in 2 to 4 weeks gap between each chain.

DEX Launch Schedule: (Tentative):
Polygon Listing on Quickswap (14 Nov 2022)
Andromeda Listing on Netswap (1 Dec 2022)
BSC Listing on Pancakeswap (1 Feb 2023 )
Ethereum Listing on Etherscan (1 March 2023)